Elementary/Junior High Activities

Drug-free Nursery Rhymes- Have chapter members write poems, nursery rhymes, stories, etc., with the drug-free message directed toward the elementary schools.

Peer Helpers- If you have a grade school nearby, volunteer a few hours each week to help with their activities to interact with the younger children. Chapter members can take turns each week.

Video- Make a video of students practicing refusal skills in difficult situations. Use it as a teaching tool or to supplement an awareness program.

Junior High Night- Invite junior high students to meet with the 6th graders to discuss junior high life. Make sure to ask students who are good role models, will be able to present a good "No Use" message and can give information about student responsibilities.

Middle School - "Adopt-a-Chapter"- High school chapters can help feeder schools start SADD chapters of their own.

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