Alcohol: True Stories, hosted by Matt Damon

Alcohol: True Stories, hosted by Matt Damon, is a new 20-minute video from Family Health Productions. Damon tells about 18-year- old Robert, an Olympic-hopeful soccer player, who crashed his dad's car into a tree after drinking and severed his leg. Megan, 16, sought treatment for alcoholism after being sexually assaulted while drunk. Two young people who avoid alcohol also tell their stories: Dana lost family members to murder. She copes with stress in healthy ways, saying drinking might derail her dreams. Ilton, a talented hip-hop dancer, says his sport and a family history of alcoholism keep him alcohol-free. Jeanne Blake, president of Family Health Productions and producer, says, "We explore the reasons young people drink and offer compelling reasons to wait. As host, Matt Damon invites young people to think carefully about the experiences of those profiled and reflect on their own choices."

Alcohol: True Stories Educator's Package:
Video, Discussion Guide, Classroom Poster, Postcard and Bookmark
$99.95 plus $15 S/H

Words Can Work, by Jeanne Blake
A valuable 44-page booklet for parents with common, real-life situations about underage drinking. Leading mental health experts weigh in with practical suggestions, including words that parents can use to reach their teenage children and make a lifesaving difference.
$8.95 each plus $3 S/H
10 copies for $79.95 plus $6 S/H

SPECIAL when you order directly from SADD National
Alcohol: True Stories Educator's Package plus Words Can Work
$125 (includes S/H)
Through a special arrangement with Family Health Productions and BlakeWorks, for each order received, SADD National will retain a generous contribution.

Three ways to order

  1. Mail request to: SADD National, 255 Main Street, Marlborough, MA 01752.
  2. Call: 1-877-SADD-INC.
  3. Fax to: 1-508-481-5759.

"When alcohol is abused...used as a crutch or an escape, it's dangerous. And if you're under 21, it's not legal. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself: Am I risking hurting somebody I love? Am I risking hurting myself?"
Matt Damon, host Alcohol: True Stories

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