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The SADD National Student Leadership Council (SLC) plays a major role in the nationwide success of SADD. Members work directly with the SADD National staff on new and continuing projects while maintaining active leadership roles with their own local chapters. Often called upon to represent the national organization, SLC members travel to conferences, media events and task force meetings.

Without exception, the members of the Student Leadership Council are accomplished individuals who have demonstrated their commitment by reaching out to peers, friends and younger students through SADD and other peer support programs. They are individuals who have exemplified the SADD model of empowerment and caregiving through involvement in community service, especially in projects relating to substance abuse prevention, highway safety, and other issues that affect youth.

In addition to establishing national representation for SADD, the SLC's goals include creating a system of grassroots communication to supply information to new and existing chapters and making recommendations to the SADD National Board of Directors for priorities and issues. The SLC's members are actively involved in planning, implementing and evaluating the SADD National Conference each summer, and many members present workshops and other sessions at the conference.

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Comprised of eight to 10 young people, each from a different state, SLC members bring unique local and state perspectives to the national organization. The SLC is supervised by a staff advisor, who helps to guide the Council in its deliberations and travels. An active group, the SLC members communicate via telephone conference calls each month and often interact via email, AIM chats, and Facebook throughout their term. The SLC is represented on the SADD National Board of Directors by the Student of the Year, who chairs the Council and serves on the Council’s Executive Committee.

Apply for the SLC
Applications for the 2015-2016 SADD National Student Leadership Council are now available. Applicants must be part of a registered SADD chapter and be a current junior or senior in high school.

If you have a State Coordinator in your state, please contact them directly to learn if they have a state selection process to designate a single SLC nominee. If you donít have a state coordinator in your state, please request an application from Nicole Cheschi at For questions, please call 1-877-SADD-INC, x222.

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